Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q1. Are the members of the instructional and playalong groups mixed ages?
A1. Yes. There may be some exceptions to this. For instance, when a group is sponsored and held in a retirement facility or school.

Q2. Where are the Woolwich group sessions held?
A2. Until other arrangements are made, sessions will be held in Conestogo at the home of Rick and Judy Hendershot.

Q3. Can non-members sit in on sessions (for example, a parent of a young child)?
A3. If a parent wants to sit in on a session we recommend that the parent become a member associated with the child (who is a paying member).

Q4. Are all groups only for beginners (for example, members of the Guitar Beginners Group)?
A4. Beginners groups are for beginners. More experienced players can take part in the PlayAlong Group.

Q5. Can players of instruments other than guitar and ukulele join a PlayAlong Group?
A5. Generally speaking other instruments are allowed as long as they fit in and do not require the instructor to provide an undue amount of attention (like, for instance, having to provide horn player(s) with transposed sheet music.

Q6. Are members expected to provide their own instruments?
A6. Yes. The Woolwich Club may have instruments that can be borrowed on a short term basis (for one or two sessions), but it is expected that the member will purchase or rent an instrument fairly soon after joining.

Q7. Will there be instructional groups for more experienced players?
A7. More advanced groups will be added as the need arises. Generally speaking our preference is to accommodate more experienced players in PlayAlong Groups and, eventually, in specific Ensembles or Bands.

Q8. Will members have the opportunity to play in group or individual performances in public settings?
A8. We hope to arrange occasional performances in community locations such as retirement facilities, sponsor meetings, the mall or market, etc.

2 for 1 Special

Q9. What is the cost for the 1st Member?
A9. Currently, $10/month, the 1st month is free.

Q10. Can the free 2nd person be just anybody?
A10. Yes. It can be anybody you want.

Q11. Can I include more than one Free Member?
A11. No. Just one.

Q12. How long does the Free Membership last?
A12. For as long as the sponsoring person remains a paying member.

Q13. If I take advantage of a Free Membership can I sponsor another Free Member?
A13. No. One of you must become a paying member.

Remote Access

Q14. Will the sessions be available via the internet?
A14. Yes, we intend to make the sessions available online. Access will be open to the public, but will require a controlled login. Only members will be given the login information.

Q15. What will be the fee for "Remote Membership" ?
A15. $10/month just like for normal members.

Q16. Will there be benefits to becoming a Remote Member?
A16. Yes. Remote members will be notified and sent reminders directly (by email) with information about session times, special events, support materials (like printable tabs, additional instruction materials, etc.) Non-members will not receive these notifications.

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